Sea Festival – Feast of San Pietro

Sea Festival – Feast of San Pietro

Every year at the end of June, the Festival of the Sea returns to Sciacca – St. Peter’s Day, which is announced in the middle of the same month with the raising of the Italian flag to the navy. The awaited event that will animate the Marina di Sciacca district for 3 days, with its inhabitants its customs and its centenary traditions.

A party full of events, will bring the ancient seaside district of Sciacca to be the vital center of a city that has always been viscerally attached to its sea.

“Ntinna a Mari”

There will be fish tastings, shrimp pans, music, neighborhood games, including the famous “Ntinna a Mari” in which the strong tourist attractions, which will frame the Feast of San Pietro, protector of the fishermen of the town.

The Antinna a mari is a traditional game, which takes place during the festival of San Pietro. It’s a long trunk, greased with soap and suspended almost horizontally on the waters overlooking the pier.

The aim of the race is to try to reach a flag placed at the end of the ‘ntinna without falling into the water. Participants are forced to countless attempts (with consequent dives in the water) before being able to reach the flag.

Significant and moving, as per tradition, is the Procession of the Saint, which takes place in the body of water in front of the Port of Sciacca.

The Statue of San Pietro, placed on a boat, will be accompanied by all the fishing boats of the Saccense fleet.

In addition to a show area with top-level entertainment, there will be a vast Cittadella del Gusto, which will give you the opportunity to discover the excellences of Sicilian food and wine at km 0 and productive activities up close. The Tasting Area will represent a tasty leap into the world of Sicilian food made with local products.