The Blue Fish of Sciacca

In the first place, one of the most common practices is the fishing of blue fish, which is exported all over the world.

Blue fish is one of the most important ingredients of true Mediterranean cuisine. Not only…but also for Sicilian fishermen it is also one of the essential items of the economy.

Also, what will amaze you about our catch are the smells! Let yourself be enchanted by the freshness of the fish just caught in our sea. But also go directly to the port to admire the return of the fishing boats and the characteristic sale of what has just been caught.

The Saccensi people do not miss the opportunity to eat a good plate of pasta with seafood or roast fresh fish that releases a good and intense smell into the air. Each fish-based dish will smell of the sea and delight your palates.

Blue fish are all those varieties of fish characterized by: back in the reflections of the dark blue color, with silver green streaks, silvery belly, easy to find in the Mediterranean, excellent quality / price ratio.

In addition, the most characteristic recipes of Sciacca are:

Sardines, with tender and tasty meat and a delicate aroma;

Anchovies, thinner and more tapered than sardines: excellent fresh and fried, or preserved in salt or oil;

Mackerel, a dark-fleshed blue fish with a strong flavor, is often preserved;

the Spatula, known as the flagfish

But also Swordfish, Tuna, Salmon, Dogfish.